Program Ads

It’s time to purchase ads in our show program book!  Congratulate your child, student, friend, or favorite act in the show, or promote your business, while supporting Highlands’ production of the Variety Show.

The purpose of the ads and ad book is to raise money to purchase equipment for the variety show to enable us to be self-sufficient in future years.  This equipment would also be available for the school to use for other plays, concerts, musicals, etc.  Through the sale of ads, we will be able to raise money without impacting our fundraising efforts for our charity.

To include your ad in our program book, please fill out the following form:

Program Ads are now closed.

We will not proceed with your ad until we receive payment.   To pay online, please visit Membership Toolkit.

Alternatively, please submit a check payable to “Highlands PTC” and drop it off or mail it to the following address.  Please make sure you include your name and type/size of ad you submitted so we could match the payment to your ad order.

Highlands Goes Hollywood - Ad Book
Hallett McCann Law Group, Ltd.
6116 S. Brainard Ave.
Suite B
LaGrange, IL  60525

We will accept the following photo file formats: JPEG or TIF.  Please be aware that if you are ordering a full-page ad and would like large photos, send a 300 dpi image for best quality.  Limit 1 photo for a half page ad, and limit 3 photos for a full page ad. We will only accept electronic images and text.  Please limit the amount of text for smaller ads to fifty characters.

A half page ad = 4.5” x 3.5”.  A full page ad = 4.5” x 7.5”.

Here are some suggestions from photographers on ensuring the best quality when photos are reprinted.

  1. The quality of the beginning photo is very important for reprinting.  If the original photo is soft focus, then the printed photo will be soft focus. 
  2. In order for the photo to print well, the subjects of the photo have to have sharp edges and be in focus.  If a photo is soft, it will not translate well when printing.
  3. There might be an option on your phone for portrait photographs that will give an infinite depth of field which would cause all subjects to be in focus.
  4. The automatic photo setting on an iPhone may cause the selected center to be in focus while all other subjects are soft or blurred.
  5. There needs to be a high contrast between the subjects and the background.
  6. To ensure sharp contrast when printing and to be in focus, it helps if the light source is in front of the subjects.    
  7. The refraction of other lights can cast over the subjects and cause streaks to appear over the faces.
  8. To see what the photo will look like when printed, you can set your phone to take the photo in black and white.
  9. Using a real camera will always give you a better quality picture, even though iPhone cameras have greatly improved with each model.
  10. The number of megabytes does not improve the overall quality of the photo, if there are softness and lighting issues.

All ads must be submitted and paid for by December 21, 2018. Thank you for your support!