Music Editing and Submission

The purpose of music editing is twofold:

  1. to ensure that any inappropriate language is edited out of the music selection, and
  2. to ensure the length of the music is limited to 2 minutes (individual acts) or 2 minutes 30 seconds (group acts).

Acts with background music or acts that would prefer to prerecord their singing/music need to submit an .mp3 file (preferred) no later than Friday, November 30.  Please upload your music file below.

Music Submission

  • Please upload your music file, edited as per the guidelines.

Acts can create their own .mp3 file, or they can hire someone to create and edit the music for them.


There are many ways to download music on your computer, but we wanted to share information about a free utility that may be helpful to you.  YouTube Downloader software can be used to download a YouTube video to your Windows-based computer.  You can then convert the file to .mp3 format that can be edited and then saved and uploaded.

Hire someone

Karel King is a professional music producer who has supported the Variety Show for many years by assisting acts that need a little help with their music editing.  He charges $40 per hour, and he will prorate any charges to the nearest 15 minutes.  Karel comes to your house with all the necessary equipment.

If you are interested, please contact him directly:
Karel King

Questions?  Email us at