About Us

The Variety Show Committee plans the Highlands Goes Hollywood show and makes it happen.   We are a committee under the Highlands Parent Teacher Council, and we enjoy their full support of this massive show.

If you’d like to join our group, please fill out the following form.  Be sure to mention what you would be interested in doing in the message field.

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2019 Variety Show Committee:

  • Co-Chair:  Jennifer Hallett  (jennifer@hallettimmigration.com)
  • Co-Chair:  Beata McCann  (beata@hallettimmigration.com)
  • Sharyn Adams
  • Shatabdi Basu
  • Melanie Garon
  • Tony Holmes
  • Lisa Patera
  • Kari Phillips
  • Laura Raver
  • Jami Rekstad
  • Amy Russell
  • Zuzana Saballus
  • Gracie Scambiatterra
  • Silvi Skocic
  • Tobey Vistine
  • Lena Walent